Surroundings of school

Surroundings of school

A quieted environment useful for study

Historical, Natural and Cultural City

 Sakura City, which was flourished as a castle town in the Edo period, being a quiet town full of atmosphere still leaves its face in various places.
 There are many buildings where you can feel the history, such as samurai residences and the former Hotta Residence, which are the designated important cultural property of nation.The Sakura Castle Park, which is located nearby the ruins of Sakura Castle, has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 best castles. Besides, the Hometown Square is to which you can take joy in seasonal flowers.
 There are also many cultural places such as Japan’s largest National Museum of History and Folklore and Kawamura Memorial Museum in the city.There are many events are held such as the Citizens Fireworks Festival, the Autumn Festival, and the Period Festival.
 Sakura city is a town where you can feel Japanese culture closely.

Sakura Samurai House
Sakura Castle Pass Park

Sakura Hometown Square
National Museum of History and Folklore

Sakura Hiyodori Slope
DIC Kawamura Memorial Museum of Art

A town closes to the capital of country – Tokyo
JR Sakura Station South Exit
Tokyo Station

The closest town in Edo to the world
Greater Tokyo area map
Narita International Airport

Surrounding of school

There are also many large supermarkets and drugstores within walking distance. It makes a convenience.
The prices are cheaper, so it is easier to live here compared to Tokyo.

Life Sakura store
Tou’s JR Sakura store

Matsumoto Kiyoshi Osakidai store