Course list

Course list

Course list

Go on to higher school course
Visa Foreign student Study period* 2 years・1years 9 months
1 year 6months・1 year 3 months
Admission time  April、July、October、January
Course content ・Basic Japanese~a high rank
・Japanese university admission exam for foreign student measures
・Japanese ability exam measures
・Go on to school/ employment guidance
Admission qualification ・12 years of education at home country
・Graduating the final school within 5 years
・Japanese ability N4 fair
・Financial supporter’s ability to pay expenses

*If you have passed Japanese ability exam for N1 or N2, you can transfer to upper class and graduate after studying for 6 months

Language Training (resident in Japan)
Visa Others visa* Study period Over 3 months~
Admission time ・Any time
・Beginer class: Start up April, July, October semester only
Course content ・Basic Japanese~High rank
・Japanese ability exam measures
・Business Japanese (high rank)
Admission qualification  Pass over academic background and age

*Working holiday, Short term stay, Family stay, Working, Spouse visa

Language Training (Travelling and study)
Visa Short term stay Study period 7 days~90 days
Admission time  Summer/ winter vacation
Course content ・Basic Japanese~High rank
・Japanese culture experience
・Various activities
Admission qualification  Elementary/Junior high school/ high school/ college students

※Study certificate will be issued after finishing the course