Support system

Support system

Surenity support system

 Our staff who can speak Chinese, Vietnamese and English, so you do not worry about anything if you don’t understand Japanese at first time.
Tokyo Sakura Academy will do its best to support you to live with peace of mind immediately after coming to Japan.

Freshman orientation
Life guidance

Pick-up (free of charge)

 Students who live in the school’s dormitory will be picked up at Narita International Airport by car as coming to Japan first.
 There are very convenient and safe to enter the dormitory directly.

Residents Registration Procedures

 You must register as a resident at your local government office within two weeks of entering the country.
 The school staff will be on behalf of the student to do it.

National Health Insurance (Medical Insurance)

 If you are staying in Japan for a long time, you have to participate in the National Health Insurance with your role.
 If you are join into, you will be charged 30% of your medical expenses.
 The procedure is carried out on behalf of the school staff.

Opening Bank Account

 School staff will accompany you and help you to open the bank account.

Mobile Phone Contracts

 The contract using of the mobile phone is quite complicated in Japan, so the foreign staff of mobile company will guide to you in the school.
 You can make a contract with peace of mind as soon as you come to Japan.

Welcome at the time of entry
Earthquake experience Experience with seismic intensity 6 or higher

 ※In the case of illness, injury, accident, etc., the staff will give you support, so you don’t worry about it.
 If you have any problems, please consult with us at any time.