Message from Chairman of the Board
Chairman of the board: SHANG YONG YANG

I came to Japan as an international student and involved in Japanese language education from there until now. Thanks to these experiences, I believe that I can support you to study in Japan. In addition, our skilled teacher staff will also provide a thorough guidance which helps you fulfill your purpose of studying in Japan. Moreover, not only Japanese language skills but basic academic ability also are necessary for further education and employment, such as mathematics and general subjects. For these reasons, we will thoroughly strengthen your ability to write essays, research plans, and make interviews to go on to higher education in Japan. Let’s take a step toward your goal and realize the fulfilled feeling of each day at Tokyo Sakura Academy. We will make an efford to support to students who are willing to face up with challenges to obtain the dream of studying abroad.

Message from the Principal
Principal: Takayama Mieko

If you are thinking of studying in Japan, we hope that you will broaden your horizons and grow up as you learn Japanese and come into contact with Japanese customs and culture. That’s why we stay here and do our best to help you make your dream come true. In addition to developing your Japanese language skills, we are also planning various initiatives which encourage you to try many interested things throughout studying in Japan. In particular, when you make a decision about your career path, we promise to provide detailed guidance so that each person’s wishes can be adapted. I’m really looking forward to seeing you all.

Message from teacher
Chief teacher: Kato Mitsusa

Thanks to the experience of study abroad, I became a Japanese teacher. The first time I went to abroad, I recognized that there were various values which could learn from studying the language of the country and making interaction with people outside of my own country. If you plan to study in Japan, please make an awareness of it likes the first step. Afterwards, let come to Tokyo Sakura Academy. We will do our best to make more fulfilling your life of study abroad. We are looking forward to meeting you in a day when we can study together at Tokyo Sakura Academy.