Part time job

Part time job

About part-time job

International students can work part-time up to 28 hours a week (up to 8 hours a day during long vacations).
The school actively provides part-time job information because of operations related to nearby factories and airports.
We will do everything from how to write a resume to interview guidance for free, so you can start a part-time job immediately after coming to Japan.

Main part-time job destination

Food manufacturing factory, airport operations (duty free shop, counter assistance, lounge customer service, in-flight cleaning, etc.)
Restaurants / taverns (kitchen, hall), convenience stores / supermarkets (cash register, product delivery), delivery business (sorting)

convenience store
Food factory

Factory shuttle bus

※ Permission is required for international students to work part-time.
 In addition, overtime and sex work are prohibited.

Through part-time work, you can make Japanese friends and improve your Japanese conversation skills.
It will also be an opportunity to grow and learn about Japanese society by gaining various experiences.
Follow the rules and make it compatible with your studies.