Going on to higher education in Japan

Going on to higher education in Japan

Going on to higher education in Japan

Detailed one by one instruction

Through individual interviews, the homeroom teacher will guide you from the school selection to the application forms preparation and the examination (writing and interview)We will guide you on detail.
We will analyze the test trends of each school such as essays, after that take measures for the tests.
Interview test measures are repeatedly practiced by multiple faculty members, assumed the actual performance.

The flow to pass the university and the vocational school
Preparing of student School Career Briefings
Guidance contents
Apr to May
Preparing of student Individual interviews are with homeroom teachers External Joint Briefings
Guidance contents Understand each student’s career path
Jun to Aug
Preparing of student The school of choice
The 1st EJU Examination for Studying in Japan
Participation in open Campus and School Briefings
Application Guidelines
Teacher and graduated students are in charge of going on to higher education school will give information sessions and brieflings about their school
Guidance contents Individual advise
Conducted a course to practice for the examination
Preparing of student Preparing application documents
Guidance contents Instruction about how to write an application form and a reason for applying
Oct to Nov
Preparing of student Application
Announcement of passing the exam
Guidance contents The examination guidance measures (write and interview)
Special classes for preparing an entrance examination (free of charge)

Depending on your wishes, we will offer a special class to prepare for taking the exam. (from 12:30 p.m)
・EJU Examination for Studying in Japan (Japanese Language, Math, General Subjects, Science)
・Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1, N2, N3

Individual interviews
N1 countermeasure course

Graduate school

Students who have graduated from a four-year university in their country, aiming to become a graduate school or research student in Japan.
Experienced faculty members will provide appropriate advice through individual interviews.

Flow of preparation for the entrance examinations in graduate schools (research students)

Students who want to study at graduate schools in Japan are required to have a desire to solve research problems and get advanced Japanese language skills as well.
We aim to acquire Japanese language skills level N1 while gathering school information, contacting instructors, and creating research plans.

①Gathering informationCollect information through the Internet, career counseling meetings and conferences, etc.
②Narrowing down research subjectsDecide on research topics after reading related research papers, etc.
③Looking for a supervisorNarrowed down the research subject and look for an instructor to make a contact to them by e-mail, etc.
(Procedures and methods vary from one to
④Development of a research planCreate a research plan which is tailored to the form of the application.
⑤Preparing application documentsPrepare the necessary documents for the application, such as filling out an application form and a certificate of the university in your country.
⑥Measures for examinations (written and oral examinations)Prepare to answer the questions related to your research plan and background knowledge by Japanese.
Guidance contents

 We will guide you how to make a contact to an instructor, search the research papers, correct the e-mail to the instructor, correct research plan, check application documents, and practice oral examinations, etc.